Credo Beauty is the Coolest New “Green” Beauty Shop in NYC

Credo Beauty, a new eco-friendly beauty and wellness boutique on Prince Street in SoHo, is marking what might officially signal the “green revolution” in New York City’s wellness industry. Offering what the store refers to as “a comprehensive collection of safe, effective beauty products that are totally clean, super good, and absolutely beautiful”, Credo’s mission is simple: to make it clear that organic, non-toxic body products don’t have to be second-rate. It is entirely possible to find effective, beautiful skin care products that won’t harm the environment even in a mass market city like New York.

Originally hailing from the Bay Area, Credo Beauty stocks a wide variety of personal care products, from skin cleansers and lead-free makeup to hair care and phthalate-free nail color. The company has been referred to as “The Sephora of Natural Beauty”, stocking lines like Dr. Hauschka, Jurlique, Tata Harper, W3LL PEOPLE, Armour Beauty, and many others.

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“People need to feel, touch, and try these products to be convinced how transformative, luxurious, and personally meaningful they can be,” Credo’s founder, Shashi Batra, recently told Well + Good. This is partially what makes Credo so appealing– not only do they supply one of the widest and most comprehensive selections of natural beauty products on the market, but these products are all available at one brick-and-mortar store front. In the age of online purchasing, being able to “test before you drive” is key– especially when it comes to trying out a new plant-based skin care regime. With boutiques like Credo Beauty on the rise in New York City, embarking on a journey to personal wellness has never been so easy.

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