Photo: @georgiagreynyc/Instagram

5 Botanical Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

With Spring in full swing and Summer tantalizingly close– and with it the promise of shedding outer layers– tattoo fever is in full gear. Herewith, we spotlight a few of our favorite botanical tattoo artists on Instagram (for all your ink-spiration needs).

Rachel Hauer (@rachelhauer)


Photo: @rachelhauer/Instagram

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Rachel Hauer’s black-and-white designs look like detailed engravings from an antique book. (Think Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations of Alice in Wonderland.) While Hauer has been known to do small, simple florals, her growing popularity has steered her towards focusing on larger pieces that work natural elements into a cohesive design, like a Tasmanian tiger winding its way through ginko leaves.

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Rita Zolotukhina (@rit.kit.tattoo)


Photo: @rit.kit.tattoo/Instagram

Possibly the most “Insta-famous” botanical tattoo artist of all, Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina is known for her completely original style of tattooing, which involves taking the plant itself, dipping it in a special ink, pressing the plant on the skin like a stamp, and tattooing from there. The results speak for themselves: vivid colors and slender shapes that permanently capture the ephemeral beauty of nature.

Georgia Grey (@georgiagreynyc)

Photo: @georgiagreynyc/Instagram

As one of Bang Bang‘s premiere tattoo artists, Georgia Grey is in high demand. Her style brings a more graphic edge to botanics, combining angular lines with the soft edges of flowers. A palette of bright colors helps bring the designs to life in a vivid reimagining of watercolors– she rarely does a simple black and white.

Balazs Bercsenyi (@balazcbercsenyi)

Photo: @balazsbercsenyi/Instagram

Another member of the “Bang Bang Krew,” Balazs Bercsenyi’s style tends towards impossibly thin lines and designs that look like intricate realizations of mathematics. Natural elements cohere with geometric shapes, and every etching is carefully shaded in black, white, and gray. The contrasting and often diametrically opposed elements always manage to come together in perfect harmony, in a style all Bercsenyi’s own.

Tea Leigh (@tealeigh)


Photo: @tealeigh/Instagram

All of Tea Leigh’s tattoos are completely hand-poked. The Brooklyn-based artist has an alchemical, witchy vibe that’s delicate but bold, with designs that move between botanics and more metaphysical subjects; she also sells totes and patches that similarly evoke the modern revival of Riot Grrrl.


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