Is Succulent Hair Dye The New Ombré?

As flower crowns and succulent cakes have taken over the world of weddings, a new trend in hair coloring is bringing the beauty of the garden into popular culture. “Succulent hair”, which is a kind of colorized ombre that involves weaving the colors of succulent plants into the tips of the strands, is becoming an internet sensation. Typically, the dye consists of pink and green hues that transition into one another seamlessly, like the tips of a pinkish-green succulent. As with most Internet trends, however, it’s too soon to tell if succulent hair is a style sensation or simply a fad, but the dyeing process does involve some complexity.

Most succulent hair dye isn’t merely monochromatic green: the ombre effect, which is painted on the hair just like a standard Balayage, involves layering nuanced tones of purple, yellows, and blues on top of the green dye in order to achieve a plant-like effect. When the the process is done correctly, the color approximates the nuanced fade of a succulent leaf. Check out some examples from around the web, below.

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