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Photo: Courtesy of Naturopathica

We Tried It: Naturopathica’s Bio-Energy Lift Facial

One of the best all-natural spas in New York has a new facial that we love.

Most people who are conscious about using natural skincare and sun protection see the value in treating themselves to relaxing spa treatments– but do you ever stop to think about what’s in the products that they use at the spa?

Photo: Courtesy of Naturopathica

When it comes to natural pampering, Naturopathica’s Chelsea Spa is an excellent choice for wellness-obsessed New Yorkers.

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While most spas tend to invoke the sounds, smells, and simplicity of nature, many big-brand spa products still use penetration enhancers and dimethicone extracts to bind together the creamy, divine-smelling products that seem (but aren’t necessarily) natural.

In view of consumer’s mounting awareness about chemicals and their corresponding concern over the kind of products that estheticians are exposed to at salons, long-beloved natural skincare brand Naturopathica opened a spa in Chelsea in Fall of 2016, with the intent of bringing facials, massage, and an impressive “Vitality Bar” to their Chelsea storefront. (The vitality bar features a wide various of herbaceous juices, tonics, teas, and herbal tinctures that can be customized to the drinker’s needs. Feeling tired? Seek out a mixture with eleuthero root. Experiencing bad seasonal allergies? Opt for nettles.)

Naturopathica’s Healing Arts Center & Spa offers an array of truly nature-inspired mind-body work that heals on a physical and mental level.

Using responsive and perceptive healing techniques their team of healers, massage therapists, and estheticians work to tailer treatments to their clients specifications using Naturopathica’s signature products– arnica oil, lobelia, and cramp bark compresses to unwind sore muscles and purr-inducing Indian Lime scalp massages.

Photo: Courtesy of Naturopathica

The spa’s Bio-Energy Lift Facial is a multi-step treatment removes impurities and exfoliates devitalized skin using liquid microdermabrasion technology while at the same time infusing Naturopathica’s signature Bio-Energy Lift Serum– one of the line’s most popular products that features a sea fern extract and a bespoke Copper & Amino Acid Complex to firm, lift, and re-energize the skin.

The goal is “to repair environmental damage, erase fine lines, and wrinkles, and plump and firm the skin”– but we also love this facial because it is so, so relaxing. (For those looking for a foray into microdermabrasion, this facial works wonders even on freckle-prone or youthful skin, as the Bio-Energy serum is as gentle and protective as it is restorative.)

Without harsh chemicals suffusing the microdermabrasion, skin feels refreshed, soft and dewy. Clients also have the option of adding “enhancements” to any treatment, such as a “Botanical Brightening Treatment”, an “Enzyme Power Peel”, or the coveted “Wild Lime Botanical Scalp Treatment” (a scalp massage loosely based on Indian Head Massage designed to release muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, face and scalp).

For more information or to book a treatment at Naturopathica, visit the spa’s website.


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