Beatrice Helman

A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: Bakeri

Winter was made for Bakeri. It’s one of the warmest, coziest, best-smelling places in all of Brooklyn, and that goes for both locations. There are a few nooks you can settle in at for several hours at a time while keeping your tab going all day– starting with tea, then transitioning to soup, and adding in a few scones if you’re really feeling it. The Williamsburg location is tiny enough to feel like an extension of your own living room, to the point that I’ve forgotten I’m in public when I’m there (I’ve gotten into huge screaming fights there, which I really don’t recommend).


If you’re brave and it’s sunny out, you can sit in the backyard in your dress or your sweatpants or whatever it is you wear outside in the winter. I usually take a book but spend most of the time daydreaming about moving to some cold-weather country and baking bread in one of the staff’s famous blue Bakeri rompers. Bring your mom, your boyfriend, your best friend, or your imaginary friend and buy them a lavender tea and a cookie.

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