Andreana Bitsis

Make This DIY Floral Reading Nook For Summer Reading Fun

There’s an undeniable pleasure in picking up a book during the summer, settling down, and spending the late afternoon reading. To celebrate how full and splendid our gardens are looking as of late, we decided to deck out our favorite reading spot with bright flowers. For kids, this is a fun nature-based craft that lets them decorate their own room without too big of a commitment (and it also gets them excited about reading). Leave the installation up for the school year to give Lil’ Sprouts their own secret garden to retreat to (just make sure you look for flowers that will dry beautifully, like globe amaranth, roses, or lavender).

Reading Nook

Andreana Bitsis


  • mosquito net and ring set
  • hook
  • scissors
  • fresh, light flowers with thin stems
  • a comfy spot (arm chair, bed, etc.)


  1. Hang the mosquito net and ring on a hook over the area you want to decorate.
  2. Gently thread the flowers through the holes, trimming the stems as you go. If a stem is too thick, use the scissors to widen the hole.
  3. Decorate along the edges of the opening.
  4. Good vibes only!
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