Andreana Bitsis

Ring In 2017 With Your Own Botanical Confetti

The prospect of a new year is a time for celebration– but it’s also a time for clearing out the old year to make room for what’s new. In the spirit of marrying those two notions (removing the old and welcoming the new), we decided to make our very own plant-based, botanical confetti by recycling all the left over botanical elements from all of our past year’s DIYs– the perfect fun, seasonal, indoor DIY for cold weather, and one that’s environmentally conscious to boot. When making the confetti at home, have Lil’ Sprouts scrounge up leftover petals, errant seeds, dried flowers that have started to fall apart, imperfect pressed leaves, or bits of miscellaneous seed paper. You can even frame the process like a spell by having them attach significance to different elements to set them in a open, healthy mindset to welcome 2017.

When you’ve found your perfect combination, you can gather up the confetti into a bowl or load them into push pop containers. When the new year arrives, step out into a corner of the garden that needs some love and toss out your confetti! Happy new year!

If you’re not feeling the cleaning part (trust us, we understand) or don’t have enough bits to make a healthy amount of confetti, check out some of the pre-made botanical confettis on the market. (Our go-to is Floating Petals Confetti.)


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