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How to Make Your Own Floral Confetti

How to get married, have a party, or celebrate New Years in style.

Making your own floral confetti by recycling petals leftover from old bouquets is both fun and good for the environment. When making confetti at home, scrounge up leftover petals, errant seeds, dried flowers that have started to fall apart, imperfect pressed leaves, or bits of miscellaneous seed paper.

Dry petals by pressing them in between the pages of book lined with wax paper, or use an herb press. Petals and stems should dry out completely in a week or so (sometimes longer in humid weather). For added expediency, you can place whatever pressing object you are using in a sunny windowsill.

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Once dry, gather up the confetti into a bowl or load them into push pop containers for use by guests at a wedding, at surprise parties, or even during New Years celebrations.

If you’re not feeling the cleaning part (trust us, we understand) or don’t have enough floral elements to make a healthy amount of confetti, check out some of the pre-made botanical confettis on the market. (Our go-to is Floating Petals Confetti.)

You can also buy virgin flowers to make your own confetti– but why destroy a perfectly good flower before you have to?


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