Tater Tats Vegetable Tattoos Are So, So Cute

Jenna Weiler got the idea for Tater Tats while working at Groundswell Community Farm, in Zeeland, Michigan. One summer, while the farm workers were out in the field picking beans, someone made a joke about how it would make harvesting easier if the team were to tattoo the correct-sized bean onto their forearms, to be used for reference. Inspired by that conversation, Weiler launched Tater Tats— temporary veggie tattoos that support and encourage healthy eating and sustainable farming (to say nothing of the fact that they are absolutely adorable).

Weiler launched a kickstarter campaign to fund her Tater Tats idea the following March, and soon made enough money to finance the first round of production. 10% of Tater Tats sales go directly to sustainable farms and healthy eating focused non-profits. The funds from the initial Kickstarter sales bought seeds for Groundswell farm and an electric fence for Full Hollow Farm, she tells us.

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The product line, which is illustrated by Zoe Keller and available for purchase in season-themed bundles, quickly sparked conversations with several area farm-to-school networks in Michigan, and many organizations behind positive initiatives in the food and farming community got on board. Weiler seems to come across new partnerships every day, selling wholesale tattoos to local farms and other organizations who re-sell them as fundraiser material, or giving away veggie tattoos at events and farmers markets. She hopes that Tater Tats can be a force for good in the healthy, sustainable food movement, not only by promoting vegetables and making them fun, but by helping support access to good, clean food for everyone.

Right now, Tater Tats has Spring, Summer, and Fall tattoo packages available for as little as $5– the Spring bundle includes drawings of Sugar Snap peas, lettuce, radishes, and asparagus, while Summer includes red pepper, eggplant, carrot, and tomato. Each bundle is designed around what grows in each season, and as such the packages can be used to educate small children (and adults) about what grows when.

On Tuesdays, the company encourages fans to take pictures and hashtag #tatertats on Instagram for a chance to win free tattoos. Judging by the number of adorable pictures already out there, it seems like the vegetable tattoo movement already has something of a cult following on the internet and in real life.

And with designs this adorable, why wouldn’t it?

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