Botanical Tree Decor Botanical Tree Decor
Photo: Andreana Bitsis

How To Use Plants As Christmas Decorations

While it seems a little premature to think about what you’re going to do with your Christmas decorations after the holiday has passed, it’s worth a little planning for the sake of the environment. Christmas lights and other ephemeral décor usually don’t make it past one season– bulbs give out and the fragile hairs of tinsel seem to fall with even the most gentle touch.

An easy way to cut down on your waste is to use decorations you can put right back into the earth, either quite literally by planting them, or by adding them to your compost to be broken down. While we’ve covered how to make your own foraged ornaments in the past, this year we’re exploring how to use other botanical elements in lieu of more traditional decorations.

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Andreana Bitsis

We started with a live Christmas tree (which can be planted outdoors in better weather) and decked it out with air plants (which you can even fold into origami and hang, if you’re feeling especially crafty), and moss, ivy, and eucalyptus in their original states. You can also try baking some of your favorite flowers (look for dark red or white roses to really embrace the Christmas spirit). Get creative with what you can find to create your own, entirely plant-based Christmas tree!

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