Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Rosehip Social

Ask Ella: Flowers That Can Stand Up To The Heat

You’ve meticulously pinned the theme for your event, mood boarded the evening from beginning to end, and double-checked any bad energy in your horoscope. Your carefully selected flowers arrive and…within an hour are drooping tragically towards the floor.

If you’re planning the arrangements for a summer wedding or other outdoor event in the height of the heat, there are certain flowers you’ll want to avoid and other you’ll want to embrace. In order to make sure your big event isn’t ruined by the fragility of nature (beautiful as it may be), we consulted Ella for guidance on flowers that won’t wilt immediately upon arrival and will stay looking sharp even as the temperature climbs.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Rosehip Social

An easy rule of thumb when considering flowers is to think about flowers dry (or bake) well– these tend to flowers with sturdier stems and a higher petal count (so if they lose a few petals, it isn’t the end of the world). Specifically, Ella recommends lavender, billy buttons, limonium, thistle, and cotton flowers. “They stay the same forever,” Ella adds of the latter.

No matter which you select, you can help them out by stripping any excess leaves (which can divert water), keeping them in the shade, and of course making sure they have plenty of cool water (you can mist them gently with a spray bottle as well).

Another option is broadening your definition of blooms: Ella loves incorporating succulents into designs. Succulents can go for days without water and still look as good as ever. Air plants are an equally viable option, as are decorative cabbages.


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