Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Ask Ella: What Are The Most Fragrant Flowers For Bouquets?

Ask Ella is a recurring Garden Collage feature where we ask our in-house florist, Ella Stavonsky, about floral design– including the history of, origin, and maintenance that goes into some of the most intriguing flowers on the market today. This column is dedicated exclusively to common and rare varieties of flowers you’re likely to find at your local market. This week, we’re spotlighting fragrant flowers for all seasons. 

No matter the occasion, being surrounded by fragrant flowers makes any experience all the more enjoyable. While you’re likely able to find fragrant flowers at a florist’s at any time of year, more often than not, they’ve traveled a considerable distance. (We’re looking at you, November peonies.)

In the spirit of making your flower selection as seasonal as your food, we put together a graphic with fragrant blooms for every season, plus a few you can get year-round without too much fear over how many miles they’ve logged. As you might guess, Spring is the best season for fragrant flowers (because Spring is the best season, period!), but you may be pleasantly-surprised that Winter isn’t a completely desolate landscape. Check out our guide to the most fragrant flowers below!

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Graphics: Eidia Moni Amin
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