Caterina Rancho

Bouquet Of The Week: A South African Surprise

As part of our recurring Bouquet of the Week series, Garden Collage continues to present a weekly inspirational bouquet that incorporates intriguing new elements into the traditional practice of flower arranging. This week, Garden Collage styles a bouquet from South Africa.

I chose to design this week’s Bouquet of the Week to mirror the soul of South Africa, where I am currently traveling. The wilderness is what people love about this place, so I used antique materials to present a bouquet comprised of rugged local plant elements and to give it a frame.

Bouquet of the Week South AfricaCaterina Rancho

The protea is the best known flower of South Africa, so it had to be part of it. Poppy pods, meanwhile, represent the surprise that waits for me around every corner– the more I travel in South Africa, the more it continues to reveal its wonders. One wants to know what is inside the ball that looks like an alien, just as I want to know what surprises I will find on my journey. An element of curiosity defines every wilderness adventure, so I tried to represent that within the bouquet.

Bouquet of the Week South AfricaCaterina Rancho

I also have to mention the beautiful place where I’m staying: the B.I.G. Hostel, which is an absolutely inspiring place that has the space and atmosphere to create something like this. As you can see from the pictures, these native plants feel at home in the modern-rustic chic of the hostel’s interior.

Bouquet of the Week South AfricaCaterina Rancho

The people, of course, have made the experience even better. The guy working reception was really looking forward to bringing the bouquet on a date with his girlfriend, as I promised he could have it when I was done.

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