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Honoring Prince’s Legacy With a Purple Rain Bouquet

Molly Beauchemin pays homage to a larger-than-life pop star.

Even to casual music fans, one aspect of the artist’s import was always obvious: Prince was the only musician guaranteed to get a standing ovation at the Grammys, even when he wasn’t performing.

He was the only artist who could single-handedly floor a room full of professionals like Paul McCartney, Beyoncé, and the late David Bowie– musicians whose job it was to blow the minds of their own fans– every time he made an appearance on stage.

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As an architect of Funk, RnB, and Pop Music, Prince was one of the most virtuosic and notably eccentric performers in the history of music, having single-handedly redefined sexuality, fashion, and guitar solos as we know them.

He could play guitar with such formidable prowess that it made his outrageous vocal reach and prolific songwriting capacities feel like a triumvirate of superhero powers. He was too good to be true, and yet there he was: a larger-than-life oddball who was the king of his craft.

RIP Prince

Andreana Bitsis

With the passing of the artist now formally canonized as “Prince,” Garden Collage has styled a “Purple Rain” bouquet to remember an artist whose legacy involves having redefined the art of creativity itself.

To honor Prince’s 1984 classic, we styled together some hellebores, purple snapdragon, lilac, purple poppies, purple roses, small purple hyacinth, and purple speedwells to create what we feel is the most beautiful visual nod we can offer an artist of this stature.

Currently, thousands of fans are leaving flowers at Prince’s star on First Avenue in his hometown of Minneapolis, along with signs that say things like “Rest in Purple”. From a distance, this is what we can offer to celebrate a creative life lived so masterfully– with the vigor and vivacious color of a beautiful pop song, emanating from the stereo on a long car ride home.

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