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Emmy Hagen/Outstanding In The Field

Events We Love: Farm-Table Dinners with Outstanding in the Field

This Summer, take the “to” out of your “farm-to-table” experience and head straight to the source.

Since 1999, Outstanding in the Field has been organizing “roving culinary adventures” in unusual locations like sea caves, urban gardens, ranches, greenhouses, and museums. Their events take place across the United States, Canada, and France but no matter the “where,” they always celebrate the same essential message: honoring “the people whose good work brings nourishment to the table.”

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With summer in full swing, Outstanding in the Field are at the height of their season. This year, we’re especially excited for the events taking place throughout the Rockies. Usually, when you imagine a farm-to-table dining experience, the backdrop is of the West Coast, Hudson Valley, or South; less common are farms set against America’s more extreme geographical features, like mountains and deserts.

This year, Outstanding in the Field is hosting several dinners in the Rockies, including an evening at Mead Ranch (a ranch in Jackson Hole, WY, close to Yellowstone National Park) and Oxford Road Farm (a hops farm in Colorado where you can count on throwing back at least a few beers).

Included in the ticket price is an introductory talk, a tour of the space, mingling, and at last a multi-course meal prepared by distinguished guest chefs. All told, the event lasts about five hours from start to finish with an average of 130-200 people attending each event.

For more information or to find events like those mentioned above near you, visit Outstanding in the Field’s website.

Can’t make it to a dinner? Try your own hand at farm-to-table summer cuisine with our stone fruit “s’mores” recipe.


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