summer guide to mangoes summer guide to mangoes
Graphics: Eidia Moni Amin

What’s The Best Tasting Mango? It Depends on What You’re Looking For.

From classic Kent mangoes to sweet and creamy Altaulfo mangos, there's more variety to the fruit than you'd think.

The simple act of cubing a fresh mango is one of Summer’s great pleasures. While July in the United States is often associated with berries and stone fruit, it’s also the best time of year to enjoy a cool, refreshing slice of mango, especially on hot days when you want something sweet but healthier than ice cream (not that we don’t also love ice cream!).

Below, we’ve put together a guide to the surprisingly wide variety of mangoes that one can find at foreign and speciality fruit markets across the U.S.– especially Indian and Latin grocers. From sweet, yellow Ataulfo mangos to small green mangoes that are great for pickling, we’ve highlighted five flavorful fruits that every mango-lover should know. Check out the GC Guide to Mangoes, below.

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