GC Presents: Baby Shower Gifts for Lil’ Sprouts and Their Parents

Our One Stop Shop For Healthy Baby Care

With everything from sun hats in vibrant colors to hand soaps in therapeutic scents, The Honest Company has babies–and moms–covered. Actress Jessica Alba founded the company in 2011 shortly after the birth of her first daughter when she observed, as a new mom, the absence of affordable, high-quality, sustainable baby products.

The Honest Company now focuses on functional products, rather than clothing (which is more readily available). Everything they sell is beautiful, efficient, and intentional–cotton muslin swaddles in delicate prints, aromatic hand sanitizer perfect for diaper bags, and soft, cheerful bath time sets. Each product has been carefully tested and thoroughly vetted, making The Honest Company a consistent and reliable destination for baby shower gifts.

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Molly Beauchemin for Garden Collage

From chili oil to rose sachets: a look inside our custom GC Baby Shower gift bags.

For Guests & Hosts

As gifts for our GC Baby Shower guests, we purchased small bottles of olive oil and added whole, thin chili peppers to infuse the oil. Purchasing honey from a local vendor, placing it in small glass jars, and adding fresh herbs (similar to the chili peppers in olive oil) works as an edible alternative. Mini-plants, like succulents, are also a charming option for guests to take home.

For hosts that are not expectant parents, gifts involving an activity are an engaging, creative option. Those inclined towards culinary interests (or are looking to become more involved in the kitchen) will enjoy DIY food kits for gin & tonic or hot sauce. The Blood Countess scented pyres, for hosts who enjoy throwing parties, are a beautiful and unusual gift. If you are not particularly well acquainted with the host, the Secret Garden Coloring Book is a dependable alternative, as it is popular across demographics. Of course, a plant is always a reliable option as well!

The Cutest Outfits Around

For newborn fashion staples, classic French company Petit Bateau offers simple basics in friendly, vivid colors. Their contemporary, crisp taste encompasses different styles making them a practical shopping destination regardless of aesthetic.

New York based MAKIÉ also sells flexible essentials, melding old fashioned styles with a modern palette, and maintaining a comfortable, timeless elegance–even if the clothes themselves are likely to be outgrown in the blink of an eye!

For a more retro, vintage take on classic fashions, flora and henri infuse contemporary design into their charming, preppy looks available for ages zero to twelve. Bonpoint‘s selection brightens any developing wardrobe with modern, comfortable, hip pieces–everything from couture to sleepwear. Oeuf, meanwhile, embraces clean, intuitive design and their products are crafted with only finest, eco-friendly materials, designed to be both effective and long-lasting. The clothes’ functionality doesn’t impede Oeuf’s whimsical designs, which are often inspired by nature.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.00.32 AM

Adorable eggplant two-piece and GC-approved veggie pillows from Oeuf

Alternative Gifts

If fashion isn’t your strong point, there are plenty of other options new parents will appreciate. For new parents with little time on their hands, a CSA subscription is the perfect gift. Quinciple ensures an interesting selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meat are always available by delivering them straight to the door.

With BÉABA’s baby food processors, that same CSA produce can be introduced to the newest addition to the family. Easy to use and equally easy to clean, BÉABA’s products come with age appropriate recipes like apple and pineapple compote, and tomato coulis. Also for the kitchen, Blooming Bath’s colorful mod flowers make bath time easier for Lil’ Sprouts and parents alike. Placed in the sink, their giant blossoms protect babies from hard edges and cold metal with their soft, plush petals, which adjust to the size of the basin–and bring the garden indoors.

For Lil’ Sprouts heading outside, the ciao baby! portable high chair offers the perfect vantage point for Lil’ Sprouts’ first encounters with the outdoors. The “go anywhere” high chair ensures children get to experience nature outside with their parents and holds children up to 35 pounds, making it a sustainable, long-term gift.

For a more cerebral gift, Wee Gallery’s Art Cards are designed to appeal to babies and to stimulate their visual development. Their Garden Collection brings nature straight to any crib, encouraging even the littlest Lil’ Sprouts to start thinking about the great big world outside.

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