Andreana Bitsis

Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes For Every Person In Your Life

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Fortunately, we’ve got it all already covered with curated boxes from the GC shop— so no matter who you’re buying for this holiday (boyfriend, girlfriend, special friend, friend with benefits…) there’s something here for everyone. Check out our ethically-sourced picks below!

Andreana Bitsis

For Someone You Want To Spoil…

Our Botanic Bliss Gift Box is the top of the line gift for the special someone in your life. With bespoke rose and cardamom bath salts, an exclusive GC lavender sachet (a wonderful touch of calming aromatherapy), and Charme D’Orient’s decadent massage oil, the kit has everything you need to feel indulgent and to smell divine. (Seriously, these are some of the best smelling products we have.)

Andreana Bitsis

For Someone Who Needs Some TLC…

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective present this holiday, our Floral Relaxation Gift Box offers a pair of gifts perfect for a “stay at home” day of comfort and relaxation. Both Aqua de Colonia’s delicate soaps and Kerzon’s floral Parisian park candles offer aromatic scents to create a thoroughly calming and serene setting that subtly invokes nature. Longer lasting than a bouquet of flowers– but just as beautiful and fragrant.

Andreana Bitsis

For The Natural Beauty Guru…

Know someone who’s always looking for the next big thing in beauty? Or even someone looking to change up their beauty and care routine? Our Beauty in Bloom Gift Box brings together two of Charme D’Orient’s more potent products: Ghassoul Geranium Fragrance (which can be used on the skin and hair) and the black soap (which can be used all over the body). Don’t let the charming snap lids fool you– these products mean business and will leave your skin gently cleansed and thoroughly nourished.

Andreana Bitsis

For The Skin-Care Obsessed…

At Garden Collage, we’re all about protecting skin from the harsh elements and effects of aging, and decided to put together a gift box any one of us would love to receive. Our Garden Beauty Sampler comes with a suite of Charme D’Orient products: the Hammam Black Soap and Ghassoul Geranium Fragrance, pictured with the description above, and the Shea Butter pictured here. Used together in the order listed, the products ensure nourishing, full-body skin care.

Andreana Bitsis

For The Rugged Outdoorsman…

For those who don’t mind getting down in the dirt, the Urban Forager Gift Box is an ideal option. Stocked with Opinel’s sturdy mushroom knife, Flynn & King’s charcoal soap, and a small, sleek Blackline board, the kit takes you through a day of harvesting and cleaning mushrooms, prepping them and serving them on the board, and then washing up with the soap before sitting down to enjoy your meal. Make your next hike (or even trip to your backyard) one full of edible adventure.

Didn’t see quite what you’re looking for? Visit the GC shop for more stylish garden picks!

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