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Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Bouquet of the Week: Embracing Color

As part of our recurring Bouquet of the Week series, Garden Collage continues to present a weekly inspirational bouquet that incorporates intriguing new elements into the traditional practice of flower arranging. This week, Garden Collage Creative Director Laura Braun styles a bouquet that honors the colors and creative spirit that she observed at this year’s Art Basel.

After returning from all the colorful exhibitions during art basel, and Miami’s great weather– the gloomy grey NYC weather was kind of devastating. Luckily, this week it was my turn to curate GC’s “Bouquet of the Week”, and to get some colorful flower art back into my life.

I chose to go to my local flower store, Adore NYC in NoHo, for the flowers. This shop really lives up to the expectations of its name. For those living in the area, it’s kind of an institution– Adore was founded by Chiyomi Uchino in 2005, and even for those just passing by, this gem is not to be overseen as the entrance alone makes a strong impression.

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Just to stand in the store and be surrounded by all these bouquets filled with the most stunning blossoms felt almost therapeutic to me. Oh what to chose?! I went for pink ranunculus and could not help myself and had to add thistles– they just give every bouquet with pastel-hued colors a bit of an edge and character.

Anna May, who is working with Adore NYC, was very helpful in advising me on finding the right ‘filler’ flowers, what greenery to pick, and how to make the stars of the bouquet stand out. The pink hypericum blended in really well and complimented the color of the ranunculus perfectly.


Photo: Andreana Bitsis

To help arrange, Anna May created a kind of a grid with the different stems in place, and all floral components worked well together– they were all in place when standing in the vase, assuring that the bouquet retained a balanced, symmetrical form.

And suddenly, in this moment, I was reminded why flowers are so magical. From the moment the bouquet was finished, this floral piece of art immediately brightened up my day.


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