Andreana Bitsis

Daisy’s Tips: Adding Green To Any Space

We’ve been searching a long time for a chic, space-saving grower for apartments that don’t get a lot of sun. There’s a lot out there, but when we stumbled on sagegreenlife’s AMBIENTA lamp, we knew we had found the perfect one.

Sage Green Life Cropped

Andreana Bitsis

The classic, modern lamp is designed by Daniel Pouzet, a French designer– it seems like the French are always one step ahead of us in terms of design and innovation. The lamp has a kind of space-age look and is minimal, so it fits in with all interiors. You can use it to grow herbs, succulents, or tropicals, depending on your vibe. It stays green all year too, so during the winter you can still keep the garden in your life. Or if you just need a little green to cheer you up when you get home, this is a fabulous piece of decor.

We’ve been using the AMBIENTA lamp in a part of the office where the sun doesn’t shine as brightly and it is fun (and healthy!) to have a tiny garden island to look over at. The lamps are easy to water, so you can keep one on your desk and not have to worry about the mess. Get one as a gift for soon-to-be college grads moving into their own places, or for the guy who has no green thumb, or even for your mom on Mother’s Day. Gardeners and non-gardeners will both love this green decor!

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