These 10 Tiny Terrace Gardens Prove That Gardens Can Grow Anywhere

When you’re living in New York (or on a budget) it’s hard not to feel envious of all those lush, expansive gardens that seem to go on for miles in every direction. Fortunately, even if all you’ve got is a window sill or fire escape or a bit of stoop you can claim as your own, you’re still in luck. Below is a collection of tiny terrace gardens put together by the editors over at The Knot‘s home décor page, The Nest. Check out the images below for inspiration, then go forth and grow!

No outdoor space is too small for a garden. Tiny terrace? Fire escape? Juliet balcony? With a potted plant and a folding chair, you’ve got a garden. Here are 10 of our favorites:

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Read the rest of the article over at The Nest.

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