Andreana Bitsis

Don’t Forget To Water Your Bees!

Everyone knows how to water a garden– but what about your bees? Bees are (as we’ve emphasized many times in the past) an essential part of the garden: they pollinate up to 80% of all fruit, vegetable, and seed crops in the United States. As an endangered species, they’re also in need of protection. Incorporating bee-friendly plants makes your garden a friendly and hospitable home for bees– but adding a watering hole turns it into a five-star hotel.

Just like your beloved household pet, bees rely on water for a number of essential functions (namely to cool their hive and to dilute honey that has become too high in sugar), which latter is particularly important during these hot, end-of-summer days. This DIY garden project is both a creative idea for Lil’ Sprouts and a boon to your backyard ecosystem.

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We used crystals to give our bee garden an extra infusion of positive cosmic energy and good vibes. The calcites (including green calcite, our favorite crystal for the garden) invoke healing, while the angel stone protects and guards. Other crystals– like the black geode (a very auspicious crystal), rose quartz (which opens the heart), and citrine (a bolster to creativity)– also help create an extra nurturing, restorative space for bees to pick up their water and continue on their way. While the crystals aren’t necessary to the project (stones or marbles will do just fine), the good vibes they instill certainly can’t hurt!

Watering Bees

Andreana Bitsis


  • shallow bowl
  • rocks, marbles, or crystals
  • water


  1. Arrange the rocks, marbles, and/or crystals in the shallow bowl to provide as many surfaces and edges as possible for bees to land on.
  2. Add water so that the rocks are not completely submerged.
  3. Set it out near some pollinator-friendly plants and let the bees do the rest!
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