Andreana Bitsis

On The Edge of Manhattan, Fort Tryon Park Is Worth The Trek

Clustered throughout northern Manhattan are a number of historic, landmark NYC sites, including Fort Tryon Park, a space draped across several levels of landscape traced with circling paths. The park is utterly scenic and picturesque, with sweeping, poetic views of the Hudson and the great, gray George Washington Bridge, stretching out towards New Jersey. The Palisades (which have unfailingly reminded me of the river where the final scenes of The Fellowship of the Ring take place) are just far enough to seem slightly unreal, as if painted by the practiced hand of a Hudson River School acolyte. Against the venerable shape of the Cloisters, the whole park has an atemporal feel (especially heightened during the annual Medieval Festival) and its comfortable height above the fray of the West Side Highway ensures that it remains a placid sanctuary.

Most wind up in Fort Tryon as a result of visiting the Cloisters, accidentally wandering through as they make their way up the steep hill. (On that note, be sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes, as most paths to the top involve a good deal of vertical height– though to their credit, they add to the park’s ancient quality.) Be sure to bring your glasses so that you can take in all the incredible views!

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Fort Tryon park is accessible from Manhattan via the A train, 1 train, and M4 bus.

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