Andreana Bitsis

How To Plant A Lemonade Box

Nothing says summer quite like a glass of cold, fresh lemonade. In the spirit of July (the most summery month), we decided to plant a lemonade box full of fresh herbs and veggies that you can take straight from the garden and add to your glass. This easy DIY garden project doesn’t take up too much space, but offers endless opportunities for remixing your favorite summertime drink.


Andreana Bitsis | Eidia Moni Amin


Almost all of these herbs can be rinsed and muddled at the bottom of the glass before adding ice and lemonade. The lemongrass requires a little extra effort– try making a lemongrass syrup to add to the standard lemonade mix. The sorrel– not to be confused with the tart Caribbean drink made from a cousin of hibiscus– can be added to green lemonade smoothies for an extra dose of Vitamin C (try subbing a cup in for one of the two cups of kale in this recipe). Lil’ Sprouts will enjoy the adventure this offers in the kitchen– and if they decide to sell their lemonade on the corner (a time-honored tradition for young entrepreneurs), they’re sure to have the tastiest selection on the block.

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