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Andreana Bitsis

We Made Winter Wreaths for The Holiday Season

This past Monday, the GC Team attended an evening of snacks, bubbly, and festive wreath making at Tictail Market on the Lower East Side, providing goodie bags for all in attendance. For the event, The Wild Bunch took over the Tictail Market storefront (which is ordinarily stocked with carefully-curated fashion and homewares), filling tables with winter greens, thistle, berries, and spray-painted foliage like rose copper ferns and decadent golden leaves. Guests were each given their own grapevine wreath base and endless access to the various flora, leaving plenty of room for creativity in embracing the holiday season.


Andreana Bitsis

While the #FOMO may be real, Brooke Lucas– the heart and soul of The Wild Bunch– has advice for those who’d like to make their own winter wreaths at home. “It’s best to choose items that dry well, like winter foliages and berries,” Lucas advised. “Choose three to four different elements and make sure you have some good contrast, not only in color but texture. You want each element to pop against the others. I also love using traditional elements like pine with something a bit unexpected like dried flowers or even air plants.”

For inspiration, check out pictures from the event below!

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