National Gardening Week Is Upon Us

This Monday kicked off National Gardening Week (NGW), a celebration first organized by the Royal Horticultural Society which has come to symbolize the best of RHS’s gardens since its inception five years ago. Despite being new on the scene, the event has grown to be the United Kingdom’s biggest gardening celebrations, with festivities ranging from guided tours of some of the UK’s most magnificent gardens to learning how to climb trees with the Arboricultural Team.

This year’s theme is “Get Fit In The Garden“, a theme that engages with emerging research on how gardening can improve health and fitness. Events like outdoor cardio for new moms and early-morning yoga demonstrate the many different ways that the garden can become a place for self-care and self-improvement. Thousands of individuals, organizations, shops, and charities are involved– anyone can organize an event anywhere. On Friday the 15th, NGW has requested that gardens who ordinarily charge for admission open themselves to the public for free, with the hope that visitors can “take home ideas and projects for their own gardens, however big or small”.

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To find out more information– or to find an event near you– check out the National Gardening Week website

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