Photo: Courtesy of The Nest

Ring In the New Year with a Decadent Champagne Tower

It turns out, champagne towers aren’t actually as intimidating to make as they might seem– so get ready to elevate your New Year’s Eve with this easy party DIY. We found this Instagram-ready DIY on The Knot‘s home décor page The Nest and absolutely love the bright, celebratory floral elements that infuse chic garden style into your event. Check out how to make one for yourself below, courtesy of Alexis Jonnson.


Photo: Courtesy of The Nest

Master this glamorous skill for your next celebration.

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When the Tattinger crew stopped by The Nest to share a fabulous party trick–a floral Champagne tower! Styled by Diana Yen (um, she’s Cleo the Bunny‘s mom!), this beautiful statement is just made for your next celebration, whether that’s an anniversary, birthday, or even brunch. Follow this easy-to-master lesson in creating your own tower de bubbly.

What You’ll Need


Photo: Courtesy of The Nest


  1. Begin with your large tray to create a firm base for your tower. Build the first layer for your tower by placing 19 champagne glasses in a circle on the tray, approximately 15-inches in diameter.
  2. Place the vines around the hem of the glasses letting them do their spindly thing, creating the illusion of a wreath. Gently place the flower heads (no stems) around the vines and leaves, weaving them in a loose way.
  3. Build the next levels of your tower. The five-tier tower should be made of successively smaller layers of circles. Example: the next layer should be made of 10 glasses, followed by 7, 3 and then 1 on top.
  4. Make sure each glass touches the surrounding glass. (Hint: A diamond shaped gap will appear between each.) When building layers, center the stem of the glass over the diamond openings created by the layer below.
  5. Slowly begin pouring the Champagne from the top glass, allowing it to trickle down to the others. If the tower is used of decorative purposes only, assemble and fill the Champagne before the celebration and pass trays with fresh bubbles to guests. Otherwise, pour in front of your crowd for a wow-worthy moment.
  6. Bon santé!

via The Nest

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