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Spotlight From The GC Shop: Sacha Walckhoff’s Reverso Vases

“Once, Gabrielle Chanel said that having your creations worn in the street was synonymous with true success,” Sacha Walckhoff, the designer behind Reverso, tells us. “Following this adage,” says Walckhoff, who is both a designer and Creative Director of Christian Lacroix, “I need my creations to be used and loved to feel happy.”

Reverso– Walckhoff’s latest collection of vases and drinking glasses– is one of our favorite product series in the Garden Collage Shop, as Walckhoff’s mouth-blown silvered vases are articulated through glassware and structured vessels that are both timeless and refined. We love stocking Reverso vases with colorful flowers in the springtime, but we think they are also beautiful enough to stand alone as interior decor in the winter. The collection was inspired by the choreography of glass blowers in the Czech Republic’s Novy Bor Verreum, and as such pay tribute to their classic manufacture. “Reverso seems to please a lot of people around the world,” says the designer, “and I hope that it will follow the same path with lovers of Garden Collage, as the collection was designed to play with flowers and to [inspire] amazing decor in everybody’s homes!”

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For more information on the designer and his latest projects, read Walckhoff’s excellent interview with 1stdibs magazine. To purchase Reverso products like the ones we’ve styled above, head on over to the Garden Collage Shop.

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