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How to Stay Warm This Winter

Though we love the wide open space and NYC skyline views of the Garden Collage office, we’ll also be the first to admit it can get a little drafty during the Winter.

Fortunately, we always have a few chunky blankets made by Hedonist Home on hand, which strike the perfect balance of style and function. With their muted earthy tones and intricately knit patterns, the wool blankets are like an Instagram lifestyle dream come to life (fairy lights and fabulous apartment space sadly not included), proving you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

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Made to be just the right size for one person, the throw envelops you in cozy warmth and keeps you toasty even as the snow begins to pile up outdoors. The high lanolin content of the wool ensures the blanket is more stain resistant than most– so you can indulge in your more decadent habits and no one will be the wiser. (Our dream scenario? Curled up under one of the Hedonist Home blankets with a cup of immune boosting chai in one hand and a generous slice of vegan dark chocolate chili cake in the other.) When not in use, arrange artfully on your favorite chair to add sculptural texture to the space. This season, relax in comfort!

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