Our Tub Trugs Will Solve All Your Home And Garden Needs

If you ever happen to visit the Garden Collage office, you’ll probably see at least two [easyazon_link identifier=”B00B1XGM2U” locale=”US” tag=”gardcoll03-20″]Trug Tubs[/easyazon_link] being put to good use. When we say we use them for everything, we’re not exaggerating. Big event with lots of flowers that need to sit in water? Tub Trugs. Need to water our ficus and orange tree? Tub Trugs. Need a place to keep our many pieces of moss? Tub Trugs. Designed in bright colors and made with flexible, food-grade plastic, Tub Trugs are perfect for carting around just about anything: veggies from your garden, compost, tools, water, yard debris, produce from the farmers market…

But even outside of gardening and floral needs, Tub Trugs are just plain handy around the house– they have a satisfying utilitarian simplicity that lets you cut down on having too many different totes, bags, and other containers. Use them to transport laundry or store winter clothes. For anyone with kids, Tub Trugs are the perfect way to carry around toys– especially beach or garden toys that may get dirty and need to cleaned. (Just fill your Trug Tub up with soapy water and wash them in there!)

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In the unlikely event that your Trug Tub is destroyed (we can vouch for them being pretty much indestructible), they can be recycled with the rest of your heavy plastics. For more helpful gardening tools, check out the GC Shop!

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