Dining and Daydreaming at the Raspberry Fields Farm Garden

Many may know the Raspberry Fields Farm Garden for their lovely wedding setups or their tasty, must-have sea salt cookies, but hidden behind those well-advertised gems is a farm garden that’s well-worth a visit.

The garden, located in Marlboro, NY, is filled with beautiful trees, gorgeous flowers and of course, raspberries. For New Yorkers and other visitors that enjoy a variety of fruit, the owners also grow strawberries, blackberries, and much more: the farm is filled with a wonder of colors that make it a perfect place to plan a weekend visit or a picnic in the Fall.

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On a recent trip upstate GC decided to take a short trip out to Raspberry Fields just to realize that we needed more than an hour or two to fully enjoy every inch of the space. We marveled at the well-grown plants, mature raspberry brambles, and the variety of flowers. We were mesmerized by the beautiful picnic areas that make the farm a unique, pleasant, and welcoming environment, and even after the 90-minute drive we couldn’t wait to head back for more. Check out some photos from our recent trip in gallery below– it isn’t too late to make the trip!

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