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Stuff We’re Digging: Jessy Scarpone

Stuff We’re Digging is a recurring Garden Collage feature where a member of our staff spotlights a collection of intriguing new products from the world of gardening, wellness, mindfulness, and/or beauty. Some of these items can be found in the GC Shop, while others are simply beautiful discoveries worth coveting. This week, GC Illustrator Jessy Scarpone spotlights her can’t-miss beauty products for embarking on adulthood. Shop the story, below.


As a self-professed tom boy– I’m not sure of the proper adult version of this– my beauty/make-up routine has remained very minimal. Consciously barring from memory those few horrific years in high school when I toyed with navy blue eyeliner and various violet shades of eyeshadow, my beauty essentials have remained a carefully-crafted array of simple standbys that I could rely on nearly any drugstore to carry. Though my make-up bag looks a little sparse, these items aren’t just drugstore buys; they are absolute essentials to me.

For one, I have been religiously using moisturizer since I was in eighth grade. At first, I wasn’t really sure why, I just knew that my mom did it so it had to be right. Over the years, however, it’s come to be a necessity. Not to mention, when people marvel at my age (I’m 25 and am constantly confused for a 16-year-old), I like to use my only-funny-to-me joke that it’s because of my religious moisturizing routine. Recently, I’ve discovered my latest favorite, from none other than Trader Joe’s. In keeping with my ‘youthful glow,’ and love for pretty packaging, I am loving the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst. I use it after I’ve washed my face, and it just makes me feel a little more pulled together, and a lot more refreshed. One of the newer things I’ve added to my must-haves is peppermint oil. After experimenting with nearly every acne treatment out there, it seems this is the only thing that works for me. It’s an added bonus that it doesn’t have 5,000 unknown ingredients, and it comes in a cute vial, so I can feel earthy and witchy while using it.

Another classic standby is any chapstick from Burt’s Bees. I have horribly sensitive skin, and the idea of chapped lips makes me quiver, so I always make sure to have at least one of these guys on hand at all times. To top it all off, I cannot leave the house without spritzing on some kind of perfume. My taste for fragrances has been refined since my days of pining for celebrity perfumes and shimmery sprays.  This was my first year experiencing the very real horror of a New York City summer whilst waiting for the subway, and amongst the ways to combat that gross feeling, was misting myself with Shiva Rose’s rosewater spray.

After spending a grueling five- to- ten minutes on my beauty routine, I like to get out and explore.  Usually, this means bringing my dearly beloved Moleskine sketchbook (adorned with various stickers from coffee shops) and fine-tipped Micron pen, so that I can continue my ‘Illustrated Sketchbook’ series. But what’s a day of sketching if I don’t have coffee? My favorite treat as of late is the Chameleon Cold Brew-– I couldn’t resist the packaging!  Finally, if I’m ever feeling a yearning for Savannah, the first city I lived in away from home, I swing by the farmer’s market to get a nice juicy peach. As the cold descends upon us, I’ll have to find another fruity fix, but this will do for now.

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