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Though they are often the butt of Finding Nemo jokes about pronunciation, land anemones are not to be confused those found in the sea.

Why We Love Them

With a host of vivid colors and a light, airy texture, windflowers (as anemones are also known) are a standout flower in bouquets or in beds.


Keep spring blooming anemones in part-shade, but place their fall counterparts in full sun to part shade. Acidic, moist, well-drained soil will keep all varieties content.

A Place In The Sun

We can identify with wood anemones, who are light sensitive-- the flower closes at night and on overcast days.

True Colors

Different colored anemones have different meanings, just like roses. Pinks and reds are thought to evoke tragic love; white connotes death; and blues and purples protection against evil.