Persimmon Trees

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Persimmon Trees

Persimmon Trees

Persimmon Trees (genus Diospyros) are thin, fruit-bearing that come in two forms: Asian persimmon trees and American persimmon trees, which are the hardier of the two.

Why We Love Them

Though they are hard to propagate, persimmon trees look absolutely stunning when they fruit, yielding clusters of gorgeous orange orbs that are sweet, succulent, and as nutritious as they are pretty.


Persimmon trees are adaptable to a wide range of soils, though they are notoriously difficult to graft. Plant young trees in well-drained soil with full sun, and be sure to use an organic mulch to keep weeds from crowding the young roots.

Sweet Thang

Persimmon fruit is rich in phytonutrients, flavonoids, and antioxidants like catechins (known anti-inflammatories that protect small blood vessels from bleeding) and betulinic acid (a tumor inhibitor).

How To Eat A Persimmon

Cut off the leaf-like flower stem, then slice lengthwise. Eat the inside with a spoon, or eat the whole thing (peel and all) like a slice of fresh tomato.