Cherry Tomatoes

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Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Dating all the way back to Aztec Mexico, this cute little high-lycopene fruit can be used in a range of traditional and modern recipes, from soups and juice to pizza and parmigiana.

Why We Love Them

Easy to grow and with edible rewards to boot, cherry tomatoes are a must-have staple of even the smallest window box garden. Plus: kids love 'um.

Hot Tip

Place limestone at the bottom of each hole that you plant a seed in and pick off the "suckers" that will grow in the V of the stalks once they mature.

Blessing In Disguise

When tomatoes were first brought back to Europe, Europeans believed they were poisonous, so tomatoes were mostly grown as an ornamental plant.

Make A Stink

Tomato juice doesn't actually eliminate the smell of a skunk-- it just masks it. A better solution is to try laundry detergent and baking soda.