Lemon Tree

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Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

There's nothing sour about keeping a Lemon Tree. This old-school citrus plant works as well indoors as out, and it gives off an amazing scent, to boot.

Why We Love Them

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"....well, this is true for the garden, as well.


Consistent water, citrus food (we prefer Dr. Earth's Citrus Fertilize)

Where They Belong

Full sun, baby.

Secret Ingredient

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. Lemons are sensitive to cold temperatures, so if you're growing one indoors it may be necessary to use large Christmas lights to keep your tree warm. (They give off just enough heat to keep the citrus feeling cozy, and they double as romantic mood lighting.) Try the Meyer lemon variety-- your tastebuds will thank you!