Beatrice Helman

A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: BKLYN Curated

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a vintage girl. I’ve written about it here, I’ve practiced what I preach, I’ve sold clothes, I’ve done the whole thing. I was pretty sure I knew every single vintage store from my doorstep to the end of Greenpoint (Brooklyn), but recently I discovered that I was wrong. BKLYN Curated is my dream store and I didn’t even know it. It’s full of t-shirts and slip dresses and pants from the 40’s and the kind of jackets that really cool girls wear in soho (or to fashion week). It’s worth wandering down to Greenpoint just to hang out in the back or find the perfect 1920’s nightgown (BKLYN Curated also stocks an array of antiques, art, objects, vintage Native American jewelry, books, textiles, and home furnishings). Recently I did both of those things, and it was a great discovery. While you’re there, it’s worth wandering down the street to Maman to get one of their stellar salads in your new vintage threads. Sustainable New York City living is all about finding these kind of small, intimate gems– and this one is worth the trip.

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