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Why Orchids Make Perfect Holiday Decorations

Gifts We're Digging: Jackson & Perkins' Paradise Orchid Table Gardens

The holiday season is one of the best times of year to incorporate plants into your home: house plants are said to induce calm, improve mood, purify the air, and spread good cheer. This year, we’re particularly interested in orchids, as they are low maintenance (perfect for this busy season) and they do particularly well in warm, humid environments, which is why people love using them as shower plants.

As gifts, orchids are stylish and great for design-minded creatives, moms, teachers, and millennials (a demographic of people who famously love house plants). We particularly love Jackson & Perkins’ Paradise Orchid Table Garden, which is a pre-made centerpiece that looks at home from the moment it’s unwrapped.

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Dark pink and magenta are colors that are said to induce calm and contemplation, and Jackson & Perkins’ bespoke wooden trowel adds laid back ease to its maintenance (the living plant trio inside includes air plants, moss, and succulents that look truly tropical and wild, and require little to no attention). Invoking warmer weather and a zen garden all at once, orchids also symbolize love, luxury, beauty, and strength– exotic, delicate, and graceful all at once.

Simply place the entire vessel sun (we love keeping orchids near a bathroom window, if you’ve got the space) and give it an adequate water every few days. (You’ll know it needs it when the substrate is no longer moist.) The 17″W x 10″H container can be shipped anywhere as a complete gift that fits in with almost any home décor concept– if, that is, you don’t keep it for yourself.

To order your own Paradise Orchid Table Garden, visit Jackson & Perkins online. For more information about shipping, go here.

* This post was sponsored by Jackson & Perkins. The opinions are completely based on the product experience of our editors. For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions.

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