Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Amazon Has a New Plants Shop and It’s Amazing

Another small step in Amazon's march towards world domination is an unexpected boon to plant lovers.

E-commerce giant Amazon (maybe you’ve heard of it?) has been quietly selling plants and other home gardening essentials for a while now, but last week, they quietly launched a new, official Plants Shop, Fortune reports.

The Amazon Plants Shop offers everything from indoor potted plants to plant-related gifts to outdoor tools for the garden, the likes of which have been sold in other categories of the site for years now.

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The difference here, however, is the designation of a specific section for annuals, succulents, shrubs, perennials, bonsai plants, pots, and trusted brands like Brussel’s Bonsai, Proven Winners, and Delray Plants, among others.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

For years, we’ve been talking about how hard it is to make something as wild and untamable as “plants” succumb to the mechanized business model of e-commerce, but if anyone is capable of doing it, it would be Amazon. (This article also suggests that a great shopping experience doesn’t necessarily have to be a beautiful one, so please excuse the Plant Shop’s utilitarian vibe.)

Tips for how to grow various plants in various hardiness zones are also provided courtesy of Proven Winners, which collectively guide the uninitiated through the process of figuring out what grows well where they live. As if you needed another reason shop online!

Love houseplants? So do millennials, apparently. 

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