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Andreana Bitsis

Before It Gets Too Cold, Build A Winter Fort For Your Plants

With the cooler months arriving, there’s not very much to do for your garden (and more than enough reasons to stay inside). But one very concrete way you can help your garden is by sheltering plants from the cold– as most gardeners know, too strong a frost can permanently damage plants. Plant forts are a simple gardening hack to protect against the crueler elements, and for Lil’ Sprouts, building a plant fort is a fun, indoor garden DIY that encourages creative engineering.


Andreana Bitsis

To build our winter plant forts, we recycled old boxes– so get resourceful and use what you have lying around. The only really essential component is burlap, which we used to line the inside of our boxes. Encourage kids to get inventive with how they build up the boxes around the plants– who better than Nature herself to encourage kids to think out of the (pun intended) box?

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