Nature Inspired Gifts for Kids Nature Inspired Gifts for Kids
Andreana Bitsis

5 Great Nature-Inspired Gifts for Kids

With the pressure of the holidays on, we’ve put together a quick guide to our GC Kids Holiday Pop Up. If you’re not sure what to get for the child in your life– grandchild, niece, nephew, godchild– then we’ve got you covered. Check out our picks below!


Andreana Bitsis

Geoffrey Fisher’s Skipping Rope

For children with all the energy.

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Jump ropes are a classic part of any childhood and like the spinning tops, come with a litany of fun games to play, passed down from child to child. Geoffrey Fisher’s Skipping Rope elevates the standard jump rope to a more nature based form, with salvaged wooden handles and sturdy rope. The skipping ropes are easy to pack up and bring along on picnics or to parks. While the allure of analog entertainment at home might not hold the same appeal as the digital arts, it’s important to encourage kids to spend time outside, and the skipping rope offers a perfect balance of structure and flexibility. Plus, using it will keep you warm in the cooler months!

Opinel’s No. 7 Knife

A Big-Kid gift for those with culinary aspirations.

The Goldilocks of knives (not too big, not too small, and just right for older kids), Opinel’s No7 knife is the perfect size for all the basic, fundamental kitchen tasks kids should learn– plus it folds up nicely for picnics or other outdoor foraging adventures. A nice segway from butter knifes and crinkle cut knives, Opinel’s No.7 knife gives kids a sense of ownership in the kitchen, allowing them to execute basic tasks like apple relish, stone fruit s’mores, or even just help break down food for prep during holiday meals. While the idea of giving a kid a knife might seem like a terrible idea (and a lot of it does depends on the kid), it’s important to trust kids; the gift makes for a good teaching moment around responsibility.


Andreana Bitsis

Areaware’s Blockitecture Garden City

For the kid who’s always looking up.

With its elegant shapes and tactile play, Blockitecture Garden City by Areaware is one of those expertly crafted toys that manages to be just as appealing to adults as it is to kids. For kids interested in cities or buildings, Blockitecture is the perfect choice, allowing them to build the towering city of their dreams, but one with a kid-sensible look. The blocks are well sized for other play toys, like small dolls and figurines (think Lego people sized), which ensures Blockitecture blends in well to the pre-existing landscape of a child’s toy collection.


Andreana Bitsis

Our Custom Gift Box

For Lil’ Sprouts with an artistic penchant.

Our custom GC Kids Gift Box comes with a Christian LaCroix Feria notebook and a set of Bavarian gnome crayons, all neatly packed up in one of the Christian LaCroix’s butterfly boxes. FCTRY’s Gnome Crayons are a fun and functional gift you can take with you just about anywhere. An all around crowd pleaser, the crayons (in vivid hues of the most essential colors) double as figurines kids can play with to create fantastical stories and build homes for. The crayons themselves have a smooth finish, gliding easily across paper without waxy breakage. The shape is surprisingly comfortable to hold, and different widths can be achieved by using different parts of the gnome. Whimsical and just plain fun to use, adults will want to join in (and they should!).

Areaware’s Tree Tops

For the kid who can’t sit still.

As timeless form of entertainment, Areaware’s Tree Tops are an all around crowd pleaser– especially for kids who always need something to do with their hands. Keep a few in your bag and create endless activities no matter where you are. Who can get their top to spin the longest? Who can send theirs in a straight line? Who can get there’s to knock another top over? During the holidays– when children often get dragged along to parties for people they don’t really know– tops are the perfect way for kids to easily bond over analog entertainment.

Didn’t see what you’re looking for? Check out the rest of the selection in our GC Kids Pop Up!

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