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Top 5 Gardening Gifts by GC Founder Daisy Helman

Holiday gift-gifting is a good time to think about stocking up on Garden supplies for the next season– either for yourself or for the gardeners in your life. This way, when the season begins, everyone will be ready.

There are so many amazing gardening products out there (and many of them are in the Garden Collage shop!) but I often find myself reverting back to classic, trusted products. These are my gardening gift recommendations for this holiday season:

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Ruthie Abel

Of course, no day in the garden would be complete without a Lifeguard Hat, which is definitely my signature look when it comes to sun protection, so I wanted to mention it. Gardeners spend so much time in the sun that it’s really important to have clothes that offer the right amount of protection.

Of all the watering cans I own, the Haws Watering Can is definitely the most beautiful, with that rose gold color I love because it’s so unexpected.

Foxgloves have been a longtime staple in my garden– they’re a sturdy, thin, and unexpectedly elegant gardening glove that also has SPF sun protection built into the fabric, which is super hard to find. (Believe me, I’ve looked.) I like them because they’re durable enough to resist dirt but thin enough that you can still feel the soil or whatever it is you might be handling. And: they protect your hands from premature sun damage. Always a plus!


Andreana Bitsis

Felco Clippers are also a trusted classic. No gardener can ever have too many clippers, and these are simply the best.

Finally, BacSac’s Chantepleure— last but not least!– is a beautiful item to add to any gardener’s toolkit. It’s also unisex, so it’s very easy to gift to others if you’re shopping for a couple. It’s a functional way to water that also doubles as decor, which adds beauty and elegance to any garden, indoors or out.


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