Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Why You Should Plant Allium Bulbs This Fall

Allium is a timeless and elegant garden staple that comes in the form of beautiful, round, and colorful bulbs that the GC Team adores. Now that Fall is upon us, we highly recommend adding allium into your Fall bulb planting scheme (allium bulbs can be expensive, but trust us: they are worth the price, and they come in all sorts of shapes and colors).

As part of the onion family, allium are among the worlds oldest cultivated plants– seen today in every space from the modern garden to public parks to casual sidewalk plantings. Most species do as well in containers as in the ground, and they are easy to plant: plan to get them going for late Fall/early Spring if you want them to bloom in the Summer.

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As a rule, allium thrive in sunny, well-drained and sheltered spots (try a mass planting next to a wall or objet for a regal look with intriguing texture) and they tend to add a rich depth of color when planted next to ivy-covered features.

An added advantage is that alliums don’t need to be replanted! The bulbs stay in the ground and will propagate again the next season even if left alone– a boon to any gardener who loves beauty but dislikes fussy flowers.

This past May, the GC Team took a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show where alliums took center stage: between multiple huge displays of purple and chartreuse blossoms and several key grower booths featuring this very special plant, it’s clear that alliums are having a moment. They are one of the hottest and most in-demand bulbs in the gardening world right now– get yours before they all go!

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