Bleeding Hearts

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Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

Named for its dangling heart-shaped petals, this romantic plant is native to Asia and has since become an iconic staple in the seasonal florist's toolbox.

Why We Love It

It's hard to find beautiful, vibrant flowers that thrive in sheltered areas, but these romantic, magical blooms are surprisingly simple to grow.


In keeping with their woodland vibe, bleeding hearts should be placed in a cool, medium-shady spot with constantly damp, well-composted soil.

Outdoor Theatre

As one peels apart the flower to reveal the different colors and parts, it's possible to tell a story. (For example, Japanese folklore turns the different parts of the flower into bunnies, slippers, and earrings as a tragic tale unfolds.)

Take It To Heart

Bleeding hearts are not a friend to dogs; if you have a four-legged friend, be sure to keep them out of areas where you will plant this flower.