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The names "pansy" and "viola" are often used interchangeably, but pansies are actually a large-flowered hybrid of violas, distinguished by their overlapping petals.

Why We Love Them

These low-growing flowers make charming borders in gardens and come in a number of cheerful shades that fit in easily with different color schemes.


Steady water and partial sun are key for pansies. Too much heat is the enemy and will cause pansies to lose their bloom (they typically only last through the cooler spring months).

Eat Your Heart Out

Pansies are edible-- so long as they are grown organically! Add them to salads, sprinkle them over ice cream, or use them to decorate a cake.

Black As Night

Black devil pansies are the only true black flowers-- other dark flowers have purple hues (like the black calla lily) and are not a pure black.