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According to Anglo-Saxon legend, faeries gave the flower to foxes so they could muffle their footfalls when sneaking up on prey.

Why We Love It

Having foxgloves nearby offers endless opportunity for dreamy floral arrangements. Cut a bunch and keep them on an outdoor table during the summer for casual decor.


Plant foxgloves in well-draining, acidic soil in part-shade (shadier if you live in a very hot climate). They can grow tall, so also look for a spot that isn't too windy-- and be ready to stake!

Poison Pill

While foxgloves are strictly an ornamental (they can be deadly if eaten), extracts from the plant are used commercially to treat heart conditions.

Cult of Celebrity

Foxgloves can be found in a number of famous gardens, including Monet's garden at Giverny, Munstead Wood, and Alnwick Gardens (aka "The Poison Garden").