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According to ancient Greek myth, Hades, god of the underworld, became enraptured by a nymph named Menthe. His wife Persephone got jealous and turned the woman into an herb, banishing her to regions of shadows and moisture. Today, the namesake plant is known as "Peppermint".

Why We Love It

Peppermint thrives in virtually any garden or windowbox-- for most new gardeners, it's a "gateway herb".


Peppermint grows so well that people more often ask how to get it to stop growing than how to get it started. Peppermint will grow almost anywhere outside of direct sun-- ideally in a partially-shaded container (to keep it from spreading).

Minty Fresh

Try making peppermint oil out of fresh herbs (if you're ambitious, you can use this to make our signature GC Mint Toothpaste).

Freeze or Dry

Excess mint can be dried upside down or in an oven heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also freeze extra leaves in an ice cube tray and thaw when ready to use.