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Immortelle sounds like the name of an exotic supermodel, and it may be just as beautiful: Helichrysum, the latin name for Immortelle, comes from the Greek word helisso (meaning "to turn around") and chrysos (meaning "gold").

Why We Love It

With its powerful regenerative and antispasmodic properties, Immortelle has been used in everything from tissue generation to the treatment of colds, colic, fever, headache, and skin conditions.


Immortelle does best in clay, loam, and sandy soil, and tends to do well in poor soil. The plant thrives in partial- to full-sun.

Try Drying It!

Immortelle can be dried directly in the sun and used to make folk medicine like essential oils, which can be mixed with aloe water to create a wonderful 2-step face moisturizer. (Pat face with aloe water, then massage in a few drops of oil.)