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Echinacea is an herb commonly prescribed to help combat cold and flu symptoms, but few people know that it's also a gorgeous pink flower!

Why We Love It

Echinacea, also known as coneflower, is a relative of the daisy that adds beautiful color to any garden planting scheme.


Echinacea is easy to grow outdoors, 1/2 inch deep and 12-inches apart in rich, well-drained soil. Full or partial sun. Seeds will germinate in 10-20 days, and do well in xeric gardens.

Cold Prevention

Commercially-available echinacea products come in many forms, including tablets, juice, and tea.

Best Practice

To capitalize on the cold-prevention properties of the coneflower, take echinacea at the earliest sign of illness (e.g., during the first 1-2 days of a cold).